One Less Homeless Veteran!

Nathan, a homeless veteran in Pasco County, has been living in a hotel with his wife and 2 kids for the last 3 years. Despite his family having two sources of income – he receives disability compensation and his wife works in home healthcare – they have been priced out of the market and have been unable to save due to the steep cost of hotel living. Nathan and his family were caught in an awkward position; they made too much money to qualify for traditional housing assistance programs, but there was no way they could afford their expenses while saving to buy or rent a home.

That’s where we (and you!) came in. We managed to find a reasonably priced home not far from where Nathan and his family were staying. It was evident that there was a lot of work to be done to turn this house into a proper home. We knew that we couldn’t do it alone. Fortunately for us (and Nathan!), we have an incredible team of volunteers, supporters, and business partners who stepped up to the plate to help us completely transform the humble house into a warm and welcoming home! For pictures of the transformation and more about the house, click here!

Check out this video about Nathan and the house below!