About Us

One Community Now, Inc. is a 501c3 faith based community organization with the goal of bringing the local churches, businesses and organizations together to help meet the un-met and under-met needs within Pasco community.

Our hope is for needs to be met within our community as we work together communicating the needs and matching them with available resources. We want to see the Kingdom of God impact individuals, families, businesses, schools, and our entire county. Our dream and vision is to be initiators, in our county, for partnerships between these sectors of society: Public sector (i.e. goods and services provided by the government), Private sector (i.e. “for profit” businesses), and Social sector (i.e. non-profit organizations).

One Community Now focuses its efforts In three areas; Education, Poverty Alleviation, and Neighborhood Transformation.

Core Values

One Community Now is a faith based non profit organization. We believe as Christians, we are commanded in Luke 10:27 to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves. If we love our neighbors as ourselves, we will truly be concerned with their welfare; both physically and spiritually. We will want to help our neighbor live a more abundant, meaningful life here on earth, and to share how they can have eternal life.

Because of God’s love for us, we will desire to share that love with others.

Jesus made a startling statement in Matthew 25:34-40. He asserted that as we give food and drink to those in need, take in strangers, clothe the naked, visit the sick and those in prisons, we are doing these things to Him. Most of us would find it easy to do these things for Christ, and even for our own family, but Jesus says we must even do them for the lowliest of people, including those we don’t know or may even despise. We are called to serve all men. 

Carefully articulated core values insure that an organization’s commitment to a vision becomes reality. They help to guarantee that during implementation, the vision, program integrity, sustainability, effectiveness and applicability are preserved. They are:

  • Integration and Wholism
  • Commitment to the Poor and Marginalized
  • Long Term Solutions
  • Identifying and Using Neighborhood Assets
  • Releasing Neighbor to Help Neighbor
  • Local Ownership and Initiative
  • Participatory Learning
  • Designing for Multiplication and Movements
  • Christian Servant Leadership
  • Contextualization
Our Team


Patti Templeton | Executive Director

Jenessa Moore | Program Director

Denise Hansen | Treasurer & Controller

Board of Directors

Tricia Staltare | President

Liz Kuhns | Vice President 

Pat Schell | Secretary

Bill Lewis

Bill Bunting

Cliff Gill 

John Davenport 

Mary Ashcraft

Mary Miller 

Michelle Malacinski

Become A Partner

How to Get Involved


We believe that the most effective means of making a lasting impact in Pasco County is with the context of relationships and partnerships between churches, organizations, businesses and individuals in both the public and private sector. We call this Multi-Sector Collaboration. As we work together communicating the needs within our county and matching them with available resources, we can make a difference.

Please contact us for more information on becoming a OCN Partner.