About Us

One Community Now, Inc. (OCN) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) faith-based community organization founded in 2009.

Working Together, Changing Lives!

The mission of One Community Now is to help children, families, and veterans who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless to improve their health and economic condition. We collaborate with churches, businesses, schools, organizations, and government entities to help combine community resources to fulfill the mission.

Our key programs focus on:

Eradicating Childhood Hunger
Empowering Employment Success
Ending Veteran Homelessness

    We do not intend to duplicate services or resources that are already provided in the community but instead try to help educate those in our community about resources that are available. Our hope is for needs to be met within our community as we work together communicating the needs and matching them with available resources. We take a holistic approach to meeting needs and believe that as Christians, we can express God’s love in all we do and say.

    Our Core Values

    One Community Now, Inc. (OCN), established in 2009, is a faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to living out the teachings of Luke 10:27, loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. Our mission is fueled by God’s love, as we strive to share that love with others.

    Inspired by Matthew 25:34-40, we understand that serving those in need, including the lowliest, is a profound expression of our faith. We are called to provide for all, regardless of familiarity or personal feelings.

    Our core values guide our commitment to turning our vision into reality. These values ensure that our programs are holistic, focused on the poor and marginalized, and built for long-term solutions. We believe in identifying and leveraging community assets, respecting all individuals, engaging in participatory learning, and designing for multiplication and movement.

    One Community Now is committed to putting our faith into action, working tirelessly to uplift the vulnerable and marginalized, fostering love, compassion, and lasting positive change within our community.

      Our Team


      Patti Templeton | Founder / Executive Director

      Carla Burkhead | Client Resource Specialist / Quality Control 

      Melissa Heid | Client Resource Specialist / Receptionist

      Brianna Odum | Client Resource Specialist / Pack A Sack Coordinator/ Job Advisor

      Margie Petrosino | Client Resource Specialist / Job Advisor

      Stephen Petrosino | Veteran’s Case Worker / Property Manager

      Susie Zabetka | Accounting Technician

      Board of Directors

      John Davenport | President

      Maria Loucas | Vice President

      Tricia Staltare | Secretary

      Cathy Scheland | Treasurer

      Jason Corey

      Bill Lewis

      Katie Mansfield

      Dave Phillips


      Our Successes

      Through our Pack A Sack Program we provide nutritious food to Pasco County food-insecure children every weekend.

      • Active in 37 Pasco County Elementary, Middle and High Schools
      • Feeding 1,473 children each weekend
      • 25 Different community partners
      • Together we raised over $198,000 at our annual Pack the Park for Pack A Sack event
      • We provide home delivery of food to 50 children over the summer months

      During Operation Stand Down and at the Veterans Support Center we empower veterans through holistic support for a dignified reintegration, including healthcare, job training, trauma care, and community engagement. 

      At our 2023 Operation Stand Down we were able to help in the following ways:

      • 348 Veterans attended Operation Stand Down, 71 stayed overnight.
      • 102 Veterans received 151 dental services (extractions, fillings, cleanings, dentures, & denture realignments) valued at $83,112.
      • 106 Veterans received medical screenings.
      • 63 Veterans received acupuncture.
      • 51 Court cases heard; total court cost & clearance fees waived $24,053.96.
      • 55 Different vendors provided multiple services.
      • 25 Veterans were signed up to receive food stamps.
      • 7 Veterans got their license restored.
      • 11 Separate workshops were offered focusing on whole health.
      • 330 Amazing volunteers gave over 2,347 hours of community service; total volunteer time valued at $64,964.96.

      The OCN Resource Center has been a lifeline for many families on the brink of homelessness. We are proud to share that our efforts have prevented numerous families from experiencing homelessness. Furthermore, our Emergency Housing programs have successfully transitioned 19 homeless individuals and families from the streets into stable housing, providing them with a fresh start and a path towards a brighter future.

      How Can I Help?

      By donating to One Community Now, you help us be the hands and feet that our community needs. You give us the chance to help people who live in fear every day, and you help us build a community, because with One Community Now we don’t just help, we build relationships, trust and become family.

      Come join us! Looking to get involved with One Community Now but may not know how? Volunteering is a great way to learn more about who we are and what we do. If you want to help others and make a change in people lives, sign-up today to volunteer.